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Huckleberry Finn Chapters 29-Chapter the Last

Oh what an adventure they had! But why? Why is it that Tom Sawyer with the knowledge of Jim being a free man went through all the trouble of breaking him out and gets shot while doing it!  Tom was jealous of Huck’s adventure, that’s what I think. Huck was gone for so long and Tom, being the "good" one, knew that Huck was just not hold up somewhere doing nothing.  Tom wanted to be like Huck so when the opportunity presented itself Tom took advantage of it. "Then what on earth did you want to set him free for, seeing he was already free?" (Twain 316).  He answers "Why, I wanted the adventure of it"(Twain 316)  I was defiantly upset when Tom started confessing but he redeemed himself when he didn't hold back and said that Jim was a free man. 

This books ends on a happy note and that is the only way I like them.


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That's a very interesting observation -- that Tom orchestrated all this in order to compete with Huck. Just how much does Huck tell Tom? That would be an interesting subject to explore. Yes, Tom stays true to his own code of ethics, though the fact that Jim risked his freedom for Tom is ironic, giving Clemens the chance to show Jim's excessively sacrificing character.

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