Greatness is in each of us

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Chapter 21 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor

This chapter name is named  Marked for Greatness, as I begun reading it I was not sure what to expect but as my reading went on I realized that this was an enlightening chapter about characters and their different identities that made them special. 

My favorite part was the paragraph on Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, the very last line of when they describe a painter with a prosthetic hand that can paint. "The gift lies not in her hand, in other words, but in her heart, her mind, her soul."  This is something that I think I will share with every child that I teach.  This is such a major insight to the frame of mind that everyone across the globe should have, no one is perfect and we need to accept each individual for whom they are.


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I really like that quotation! I agree it is very insightful and offers and interesting look at what really makes a person special. This could be a very valuable thing to teach people.

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