I remember Brer Rabbit

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A Night with Uncle Remus tales 1-8 brought back memories of my childhood.  I remember hearing some of these stories and I do believe I had the book of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby that was published by Walt Disney.  These tales were not very easy to read but after I got on a roll the words, most of them, I got the hang of it. 


"Yit all de time Brer Rabbit ain't doin' nothin', en he des well bin layin' off in de shade scratchin' de fleas off'n 'im."

I love how Brer Rabbit right before this looks like he is so busy "medjun en markin'-- medjun en markin'" but he is not doing a thing.  And this tale of Brother Rabbit Secures a Mansion can be related to how in so many stories, con artist can get away with looking like they are so helpful but they are just scamming to put their own agenda, selfish people that look sweet and innocent when they are ready to stab you in the back.  This is one Rabbit that gets his self out of a lot of trouble and into a lot of messes.

I really liked reading these because they were different and familiar all at the same time.


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I agree that there were all different but familiar and relatable as well. I definitely have to give you props on getting the hang of this dialect! I struggled the entire time, and unfortunatly did not get everything I should have out of the context.

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