Mid American Lit: Reading Close, Blogging and Writing

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Hi my name is Mary Jane and for my American Literature class we were asked to read, blog, respond to blogs, write in reference to what we had read, etc....with that said here is my goal; to pass American Literature

The following is a cumulative of blog entries that I have made that fall into categories specified by my professor.

The first thing that I would like to say is that I really enjoyed all of what I had to read, however, I may have been a bit rushed to be able to get the full meaning out of any one particular work that I read. I have grown in my reading and appreciation of works of literature.


The first category that I would like to share was one that brought back memories for me so maybe that is why it seems to be a more detailed account of my reading.






It seems that what I have learned from this class is that being organized and following directions helps out in the long run.  I may not have sparked a conversation or respectfully disagreed with a comment but I did keep up and link back to course web page.  Another way that I did follow the comments was through getting an email when someone commented on my blog, this is where I took the time to read them. Most of my feedback was in agreement with the blog. As you read down through you will see some comments before certain URL's that I felt were important to say but others have nothing




I have heard the mention of Rip Van Winkle but I don't beleive that I have ever read the story until now.  Also you will see blogs on some other short stories that we had to read. I liked The Wife but Young Goodman Brown was a bit annoying.




Knowing about the Scarlet Letter from watching the movie was my only clue to how this story was going to play out






This was my favorite poem out of 31 by Emily Dickinson, it expressed thoughts that I agree with even though it was written 150 years or so ago




In the book How to Read Literature like a Professor, it was eye opening to put together some of the uses of how a simple story can mirror a story that you would have not thought of comparing it too.





Emerson really had some confusing things to say, if people would just say what they mean life would be so much simpler. I am not sure why big words and confusing context makes for a good writing. The works of Emerson were long and repetitive in my opinion.



This is Bartleby, the depressed copier.....this story is different


This by far is was one of those stories that you expect your grandpap to tell you, a folk tale they say but I say it's the truth with generations of twists.


It was very hard to read Uncle Remus but with time and context I made it through.  This reading also helped me in reading parts of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.


The adventures that Huck Finn has are tiring, fast paced and some are unbelieveable



And last but not least these are the entries that I made even though they were not on time.  We had to listen to Pod Cast also that were by our Professor, you may have already seen some blogs on Pod Casts in the earlier links.













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