Scamming on the Mississippi

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Huckleberry Finn Chapters 15-28 

A king and a duke lied their way into the life of Huck and Jim.  Trying to outsmart a young boy and a black man, whom back in these times were both seen as ignorant with no smarts.  "It didn't take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn't no kings nor dukes, at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds."  What is not understood by the king and duke is that they have came upon a boy that is just as much of a con artist as they are.  The difference though is that Huck has a conscience as we see later on in chapter 28 when Huck reviles to Mary Jane what these two men are doing to her and her sisters. 

The complexity of keeping up the lies is overwhelming for Huck as the pleasure and the wealth is now compromising something deeper in his soul.


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