Legree's death

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Uncle Tom's Cabin (dramatic version) by Aiken, George

Something makes me think that I would love to see this play but there is a tugging at my heart that says it was hard to read in some places but the end when the mean Legree gets killed is the best part because he deserves it,

"I am hit! -- the game's up! [(Falls dead. Quimbo and Sambo return and
carry him off laughing.)

Then the slaves laugh as they carry him off is priceless.


I thought that reading a play alone would be difficult to keep track of the characters but it was not that bad.  I would propably enjoy seeing this play (but I would need my tissues)




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I agree that it was nice to see Legree get what he deserved but it just wasn't satisfying enough. I would have liked to see Tom live and finally obtain his freedom and be reunited with his wife and children. Guess I'm also being too sentimental!

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