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Mods are one of the greatest things about PC gaming. Just taking a quick look at ModDB will reveal numerous maps, models, and total conversions for just about any game released. As I have mentioned in a past blog entry and Dr. Jerz has mentioned in this article, some mods even go on to a commercial release. They are an interactive form of fan fiction or art or a short film. Many games now include an SDK (software development kit) allowing just about anyone to try their hand at creating something. This strengthens the games community and the life of the title.



Susan Carmichael said:

I never even noticed any software development kits with my recent games. I hope that I just overlooked them because they seem cool and allow gamers to experience games on another level.

Jeremy Barrick said:

But are'nt designers supposed to reveal that to us? Not the consumers. It is a great thing, but a consumer is nnot supposed to create more to the game. I like being able to control and construct things in a game to.

Matt Takacs Author Profile Page said:

I was referring to PC games, although there are a few console games that allow you to make your own levels. Pretty much any Source game can be edited in Hammer, Unreal Tournament has the Unreal Editor, and Crysis and FarCry also have their own sandbox type of creation tool.

Jessie Krehlik said:

When Maxis was getting ready to release the Sims 2, they made a point of releasing the Create-a-Sim program several weeks, maybe even a few months, before the actual game released. The point to releasing this program so early was to not only satisfy millions of awaiting fans for a few more weeks but also to give those same fans the opportunity to experiment with what the game has to offer. I'm sure I speak for plenty of sim fans out there when I say I downloaded the program the day it was released online and had my first family of sims created long before the game was actually available in store. What I found most interesting about the downloadable Create-a-Sim was the fact that it actually had more options for customization than the in-game program did.

Matt Takacs Author Profile Page said:

I didn't realize Maxis did that. I guess that's where the Spore Creature Creator idea came from then. It probably sold more than Spore itself.

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