Portfolio Three

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Listening to Metallica as im coding away,
interactive fiction is on my display.
Headbanging along to a heavy beat,
Someone on my Friends list is not asleep.
A message pops up, and they start to say,
"Have you played any Left 4 Dead 2 today?"
"No" I say, "I've been busy all day."
This is what the rest of the conversation did say:

7:18 man, so you still need that expert realism achievement?
7:18 yeh, i would've gotten it yesterday but my wireless card stoppd wrknf
7:19 *stopped working
7:19 But i've been reading some cool stuff on the EL250 page
7:19 oh yeh? Like what?
7:20 theres this really cool article comparing RE to silent hill
7:20 which RE?
7:21 the whole series it looked like, basically how its changed from game to game
7:21 kinda like all the different mario karts right?
7:21 yeah, mostly the camera, controls, and gun play have changed.
7:21 in RE i mean, not mario kart
7:21 they probly changed it all cause ppl were complaining bout the *****y controls
7:22 dude watch the language or im not gonna be able to use this for the portfolio
7:22 is it that hard to delete the words?
7:22 i dont want to have to do this twice...anyway i was also reading through an article
7:23 on gaming as reenactment. i think its a pretty awesome idea.
7:23 so were like reenacting the zombie apocalypse in Left 4 Dead 2?????
7:23 i meant in historical games like CoD or Medal of Honor as ive mentioned in
7:24 the comments.
7:24 most of the missions and maps are based on real locations anyway so yeh i
7:25 guess that true.

7:25 yep
7:28 did you see my blog post about indie game?
7:28 no i missed that one, got the link?
7:28 just click here to see the list of indie games i put together
7:29 AOOFAD looks pretty messed up in the head.
7:29 ive played through that and yeah, your right. its really good though, try it out
7:29 ill do that later tonight, after the Halo 3:ODST clan match
7:29 haha
7:30 what?
7:30 its just i wrote about PC's versus Consoles in a blog entry
7:30 so?
7:31 well everyone playing in that halo match probably wouldnt last that long in a
7:31 round on pc
7:31 i bet you wouldn't last that long in a console match
7:31 you're right, because the controls are horrible
7:32 whatever, at least were both against wordy TOS contracts
7:32 speaking of which, this entry has some comments about that
7:33 is it wordy?
7:33 not as much as the contracts
7:33 i probly still wont read it
7:34 w/e heres something you could show your little cousin though
7:34 what?
7:34 its an entry about Scratch, a game creation tool directed at kids
7:35 looks pretty simple
7:35 from the video, yeah it looks that way.
7:35 and everythings sprites????
7:35 its supposed to teach kids who are just starting out
7:36 its not the Unreal Editor
7:36 haha i can see that
7:36 is your family still playing guitar hero?
7:37 yep, pretty much every night
7:37 theres a video about that, the fact that GH is bringing families together
7:37 sort of like playing monopoly with the family
7:38 yep, everyone is competive
7:52 have you finished Oblivion yet?
7:54 not yet, still on the massive main quest to close all the glowy portals from hell
7:54 how are you playing the game?
7:54 my character is pretty much good at everything
7:55 i mean, like are you playing it as you yourself would play it or are you roleplaying
7:55 your character?
7:56 im deciding stuff based on my own ideas not the characters
7:56 yeah thats how i am too. one of those "players who who play themselves."
7:56 i just want to play the game,
7:56 not take the time to come up with a story to follow
7:57 that sorta ties into mods. the fact that people are creating their own stories
7:59 yeh good point
7:59 whats this about you hating farmville?
7:59 exactly what you said. I hate farmville. they even tried to scam people to get them
7:59 to play.
7:59 i bet a lot of the social games do that, probly spam you with email
7:59 but i guess scamming isnt far behind, listen i gotta run
8:00 alright man, thanks for the help
8:00 no prob, did you have to do any big project things for that class?
8:00 Portfolio One and Portfolio Two were pretty big but they werent projects.
8:00 theres a presentation thing i put together though. A short interactive fiction.
8:00 you made an IF game? cool, ill check it later, gotta go
8:00 kk thanks again
8:00 later


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