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"Just in time! You've made it!
Come on, join the crowd!
Hope you like excessive noise!
It could get extremely loud!

Hear the tale of a merchant,
who's lost some goods to a thief,
(There's a lack of security in that place,
so I'm not in disbelief.)

Quiet now! We're about to start!
Lock those doors up tight,
There better be no interference,
I'd hate to see a fight.

[The aging story teller climbs a few chairs then stops, clears his throat, and begins....]

Cross the broken pyramids,
the sands are sweeping in.
Traveling bands of caravans,
speak of ancient sin.

Fleeing from the city,
Thief, now must run.
Carrying lots of entries,
and comments, about fun.

Now he sees another town,
a place where he must rob.
The unsuspecting visitor,
makes children cry and sob.

How shall they find,
the bad, and the worst,
if Mr. Thief has taken,
all the gaming news read first?

But what is this? He's dropping,
what looks to be some paper,
Now he's doing, some sort of dance,
a ghastly little caper.

Let's take a look at this one,
just what could it be?
Ah, it's some comments,
about a documentary.

I see the crowd goes anxious,
there's a deafening of silence.
Look, I've found an entry,
on some video gaming violence.

A cry of approval?
Yes that's what I hear,
While playing some interactive fiction,
Getting to work was Peter's fear.

See this drink I'm drinking?
It's made from maple sap.
Getting very far in life,
requires a detailed map.

I have a bird at home,
it's sort of like a vulture,
this one particular game,
had some influence on our culture.

Is this a peaceful town?
Or an angry little village?
Makes me think of lots of people,
complaining over this girl's image.

The sun is rising in the...

[At this point, someone in the crowd loudly and rudely insists the storyteller continue on about things of Depth.]

Alright, Mr. In-the-crowd,
You're rude and look like a panda,
fine I'll tell you about a game,
that's all propaganda.

Also something interesting,
just how much are you buying?
Can't you spare some change,
because Darfur is Dying?

Learning from each other,
like the Thief that I once fought,
gives you lots of experience,
so practice what is taught.

[The crowd is stunned to learn the old storyteller once fought the Thief that is tearing across the lands. Another from the crowd asks him to tell about the interaction of that experience. Someone else says he should 'Discuss it in a timely manner.' The storyteller continues...]

You've never heard the story?
Where have you all been?
First I'd like to tell you that,
in September 12th you can not win.

Story plays a bigger part,
than realism, at least I think,
But then again how should I know,
by mind is on the brink.

I found another comment here,
this time about Gee,
before I can let you see it,
you'll have to pay a small fee.

[A young boy produces a large gold coin and tosses it to the storyteller. He fails to catch it. Instead, it hits him squarely in the face.]

My thoughts are getting fuzzy,
the air is getting thin,
I've been standing up here quite a while,
Just how long have I been?

[With that, the storyteller falls from the chair, asleep. The Thief, who was standing in the back all along, rushes forward, collects all the blog posts and comments, then dashes though an open window to the sandy desert below. The crowd looks from the open window, to the storyteller, to the open window, speechless.]


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