Silent Horror - An Interactive Fiction

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For my presentation, I wanted to show how "Silent Protagonists" are a good way of immersing the player into the game. Because the player character can not speak, creating strong environments and memorable characters are vital to a games success. I put together a short interactive fiction to illustrate my point. First it focuses on setting, followed by characters, then a combination of both towards the end. You can play the game at the link below:

Silent Horror - An Interactive Fiction by Matt Takacs

Q and A:

What software did you use to make it?
Inform 7

How long did it take to make? 2 days

How long is the source text? 2,299 words

How many Metallica CD's did you listen to while writing it?
the first 4 (some more than once)

Did you use any other software? Paint, for mapping out the locations and Parchment to put the game online.

Anything other tools? 1 large bowl of coffee ice cream.

If you play through it, leave some feedback below, but keep it spoiler free.



Susan Carmichael said:

Matt, your game was great. I was intrigued and played for about ten minutes. I was amazed at your skills to even create an interactive fiction game, and I understood your point.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I enjoyed your game a lot! I'm very impressed that you were able to finish this game in two much time each day did you spend working on it? I know when I made my IF game, I had a lot of help from Dr. Jerz and a few of the kids in my class who were already familiar with programming. Did anyone help you or did you do it all on your own?

Matt Takacs Author Profile Page said:

The first day was only an hour or two and I had about three or four rooms done. The second day was a lot longer, not exactly sure but probably six or seven hours. Some of that also included drawing out the locations of all the rooms, playtesting, and figuring out how to get it online. The entire game was made by me, and I only had experience using Inform 7 one time before. So you completed the game? What was your score?

Keith Campbell said:

Matt this is a great game. I am very impressed with this game and your skill level. I think this was a great way to get the class to participate in your game and find it engaging. I really enjoyed it and your points were made clear.

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