Escape To Ground Level

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We're starting the interactive fiction section in EL405 New Media Projects. Here's a bit of my gameplan.

The player starts in an apartment building on a pretty high floor. They must escape to street level.

"You're a wanted criminal in some strangers apartment room. You've got a rendezvous with a top client who can get you away from the heat and out of the country. The only problem... He's waiting in a car on ground level... you're fourteen floors up in an apartment building. There's a knock on the door."

Possible problems to overcome:
  Blocked staircase
  Broken elevator
  SWAT Team
  Climb outside the building and get back inside on a different floor
  Slide down railings
  Jump over construction work
  Navigate office complex
  Office birthday party

  905 (interactive fiction)
  Cloverfield (movie)
  The Matrix (movie)
  Fire Escape Half Life 2 Mod (game)
  Left 4 Dead (game)

8. The game will end with the player reaching the ground floor and meeting up with his client.
9. I can have the player advance more than one floor down at a time. (an elevator or stairs that go 2 or 3 floors down.)
10. One extra feature I would like to add is some dialogue.



Your progress is impressive, Matt. I'm very much looking forward to playing your game.

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