Tanks! A Game In Scratch

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Although I have been introduced to Scratch from a previous class, this is the first time I am creating with it. Using Lego-like building blocks of code, a user is able to quickly develop and experiment with a variety of concepts, immediately seeing the results in the small playing area of the program. Being able to play and run a creation when it is in a half built state is very useful. C++ would require the user to build the entire project and wait until the build log said it was "a-ok" to go ahead and run, if there wasn't an error or two, of course. With a large amount of sprites and backgrounds that come with Scratch, anyone can get busy creating and testing out concepts, even if the generic cat mascot of Scratch will not be their final in-game character. If a user has a background in any kind of programming, the biggest challenge to overcome is to figure out how to apply the previous language's ideas to the new graphical approach of Scratch programming. Determining where everything is located will take a couple of hours or so, but the developers have made it relatively easy to guess and come out correct when trying to find a specific command.

For my first project in Scratch I am creating a two player tank battling game. Each player has separate controls allowing them to turn and move in all directions and a unique fire button. Each bullet follows the direction the tank is facing, no matter the angle. Originally in my pre-Alpha build of this project each tank could only move in a total of four directions with the tank always facing north. The bullets would also always go north as well. My next plans are to incorporate a level layout that is both easy to master and fun to play on. A start screen explaining the basics of the game is also coming soon and there is a possibility that I could add in co-operative play against AI opponents.


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