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For our third unit in New Media Projects, we were asked to create a series of web pages, all linked together, that looked good on an iPad. Dr. Jerz suggested that we could make a portfolio or anything else that had enough content. After thinking it over, a portfolio sounded like a project that could be completed in the short amount of time we had available. I mapped out the basics and got to work.

On my homepage at the very top, a picture of me, my name, class, school and major are prominently displayed. The school text is also a link that takes the user to Seton Hill's website where they can find out more about the school.

I also have a variety of sub-menus broken down into three categories: writing, interests, and contact. In the writing category there is a direct link to my school blog. Underneath that is a link to my writing that is considered New Games Journalism. When clicked, it takes the user to a new page in the same style as the home page but with further links to blog entries and more descriptions. In the Interactive Fiction section I give links to the two works I've completed: Silent Horror and Ground Level. Finally in the Code section, users can find out about my project in Scratch, what programming languages I've worked with and more. The Interests category contains links to non-school related things that interest me. As of now, users can read two articles on music and comics and see my profile for Steam, a major pc game platform for buying digital games, instant messaging, voice chat, in-game matchmaking and more. Finally the contact me link takes the user to a page displaying my email and other social media sites.

The biggest challenge to overcome on this project was learning both HTML and CSS as I have never written anything with them in the past. Understanding the code words, the building blocks keeping everything together behind the scenes, took a of couple hours to get comfortable with and I frequently had to look something up, but that experience was part of the fun. It was a puzzle that had to be looked at from a variety of different angles. There are a lot of variables that can be thrown into the mix. Many unique tags all had to work together. I had to keep track of where one ends and another begins or where to put an ending tag when one tag is within another tag, but I am very happy with what I managed to create.

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