Scratch Revisited

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After the class had completed the three units and presented what we had made, our next objective was to revisit each and add more features. First up was Scratch.

For my Scratch project I had made a two player tank battling game. Before working on it for our revisions, I had created an introduction screen that would display the instructions for the game, mainly the controls. After that screen was displayed for a few seconds it would then fade out and the actual game would begin. So to summarize, I had one level, two working tanks, and an instructions screen.

When the week began to make revisions to our Scratch project I had some ideas of what to do. I wanted a full menu screen, complete with a separate page for instructions, level select, and credits. Some sort of animation displaying the game's title was also on the list of things to do. I also planned on creating more levels and another type of block in the environment.

At the end of the week long Scratch revision process, I had the menu in working order, two additional levels, and another block type. The title screen displays the game's title (Tanks!) then two tanks slide into view from the left and right side, fire, and then when the bullets meet in the middle, the three titles of the menu options (Instructions, Level Select, Credits) come into view from the bottom. When a player clicks anywhere on the three options, the screen will change to whatever title they clicked on. Clicking on instructions will display the instructions. Clicking level select will bring the player to a screen with three levels that when clicked loads that specific level and starts the game. Clicking credits will display the credits. On all three screens there is text with the words "Back to Menu" that when clicked, changes the screen back to the menu screen.

Click here to play Tanks!.

Take a look at the video below to watch two players test out the game.

Watch the video below to see how it all works.



The extended joy and challenge you captured shows your project was a great success. You should feel proud of your accomplishment! Your overview of the code is clear and thorough. Great work!

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