Term Project - What Exactly Am I Planning To Do?

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So with the three units complete, Scratch, Inform 7, and HTML + CSS, it is now time to pick a tool and get to work creating something new or adding onto a project, but either way, it should be something ambitious.

I am choosing to continue work on my Inform 7 game, Ground Level. I did have another idea for a new story, but after some positive feedback and seeing things I could improve upon, I am going ahead and adding more to this interactive fiction instead.

For Thursday I plan on addressing the issues with objects in the game, fixing some descriptions, and changing a few puzzles and timers. More clues as to what the player should do next, though kept to a few, should help first time players enjoy the experience.

For Tuesday I am aiming for adding an additional level of the building the player is currently in.

Since, I rarely use interactions with people in my game, that is one area I hope to improve.



Maddie Gillespie said:

It sounds like you're really going to improve your game, and gearing your improvements towards making your game easier for first-time users will be a plus. The coding that governs how interactive fiction characters react to the player are some of the most difficult to work with. But it's fun once you get the hang of it. I strongly suggest looking through Inform 7's built-in manuals for ideas on how to make this code work.

Megan Seigh said:

As much as I get frustrated with Inform7, I am glad that so many people love it! I think it's great that you are choosing this game to work more extensively on. I thought your idea's on original game were great, but of course you can never have too much detail on those games! Good luck with it, I am sure you have many great ideas!

Kiley Fischer said:

You could do so much with character interaction with yours! You could have someone in the hallway and if you set them off, they could call for the SWAT team. Or, if they like you, they could hide you. You could have interactions with your friend. Or, you know, maybe someone on the SWAT team is a mole. There's so many possibilities with this.

Aja Hannah said:

I think that's a great idea. View Maddie's idea about multiple deaths. I know I've been pushing it, but I think it would add something to your game.

You have a lot of levels already and I think adding descriptions (while possibly distracting for the player) may also be worthwhile to flesh out the game.

Shellie Polly said:

You seem like a great computer person, I think inform 7 is the right place for you. You seem very creative, and I'm sure your game will be great, and rather difficult, which is a good thing!

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