The Unbearable Hunting Season

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They honestly remind me of bald high school girls.  It appears to be little more than highly publicized million-dollar phantom hair-pulling.  You’d think it would be the time to make the last great push for good, spending millions of dollars to affect the public at large and sway opinion through charitable and benevolent action, because, “like, you know,” if one does something good enough, there can be a media outlet available.  Logic is apparently abandoned under pressure, reality is bleak when all they want to do is metaphorically inhale the ashes of their fallen opponent of off imported office furniture, and the world is sadder with each dollar spent as the problems become the billboards instead of the solutions.

Of course, I’m not a politics guru or social psychology extraordinaire.  Maybe I’m missing an integral feature of understanding this onslaught of political ads.  Should I turn my television back on and glue my eyes open for the greater good of my vote?  Please, enlighten me.       

How many people are going to bed hungry tonight?

Remember "Three Cups of Tea"?  I hope you didn't forget about it so soon. How many schools could be built?

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