Clearly, I Have No Idea What's Going On....

I have no clue what is going on in class. So, now I think I need debatable statements for all of the readings.  I am so confused.
Anyway, here's the debatable statements.

Rip is an unhappy, not lazy, man who avoids his home life by vacating or helping others.

Leslie has a far better wife than Rip's.

Young Goodman Brown is having an experience that is causing him to confront his views of what is good and evil.

It is highly unnecessary for Hester to stand on the platform. An illegitimate child is far embarrassing enough in those days. It is not necessary to make a spectacle of her. Everyone knows her sin already and has spread all the gossip. Wearing that "A" has no real purpose.

The author has a minimal disdain for the main character Hester.

The book is about a few different forms of passion, how they can be viewed as sin, that any passion for that matter may be sinful.


Megan, I hope your theater production went well.

While we have started to work on making debatable claims in class, the assignment described on this page ( ) does not actually ask for a debatable claim. It simply asks for you to post a quote from each section of the readings. We reviewed this in class last week. Were you able to contact a classmate to review what we covered during your absence?

Would you like to meet with me during office hours in order to review the blogging procedure, and help you get back on track? I'd be happy to help.

Glad to hear it. Don't forget to listen to the podcasts, too.

I would say that it's absolutely necessary to The Scarlet Letter for Hester to be shamed this way. A story about a Hester who was embraced by a more permissive society would result in a completely different novel -- not the one we are studying.

Think of it... if the Ugly Duckling were accepted by his friends, or if all the jungle animals believed Horton when he said he heard the Who, would the stories MATTER to us?

Hawthorne wants us to root for Hester, which is why he puts her through hell.

So do we need to write anything about the podcasts themselves? They are pretty straightforward.

Yes, Michael, I do ask that you post a reaction to each of the podcasts. It does not have to be long, just enough to show what you git out of it.

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