A Diverse World

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"Diversity is part of what makes college so interesting.  But it can also make covering a college campus challenging" (The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, page 23).

I chose this quote because I think we can all relate to knowing how difficult it is to acknowledge diversity.  It is hard for young adults not only on a college campus but also in high schools and middle schools.

For a student newspaper, the writers and editors must be careful to create stories that can relate to all types of students.  The events that occur on campus cannot only be directed to one type of person.

This is the challenge of a reporter.  It is there job to find more about an event by asking a large group of people.  You do not see reporters only asking a certain category of human beings about what happened or what they are interested in.  To get the full opinion of everyone, the reporters must branch out to get information from every angle.  The circumstance of diversity should always be in the back of the minds of the newspaper staff or else the staff may have a situation on their hands.

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