Clearly A Genius...

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Well, I guess my first thought is if this is even true.  It sounds like there has been a lot of research to find out when the "first" smiley face was typed up on the computer screen so I guess it is plausible.  If this man did infact type the first smiley face, I can't imagine that somebody else wouldn't have figured it out a few days later.  Not to say that it wasn't a good thought because I use those smiley faces all of the time...probably even if they are unneccessary.

However, I don't understand the big fuss as to creating the smiley face.  It's like a puzzle, you see something that looks like eyes and something that looks like a mouth and you put them together...I do not understand the big significance.

I can't even recall when I first saw a smiley typed up on the screen.  I feel as if I just knew that if I put those 2 symbols together, I would have achieved a smiley face.  Then again this is just my opion.  It is obviously a very popular thing to be credited for so I would be proud to...I guess.

Well it's back to class again :):):):):):):)


Jed Fetterman said:

I think that the people who are making a big fuss over this are the people who have some stake in its creation. There's a lot of pride and popularity to be gained from saying "I created the first emoticon." It is the same in sports, they give you a trophy that is a tiny reward for all of the pain you had to go through, but the attention and sponsors, edorsements, etc. are what athletes are really after. I think that it is comparable to Fahlman arguing his case for creating the smiley.

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