Clueless Usenet Newbies

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Excuse me for the lousy title, but nothing struck me as an interesting reference that I could name this blog entry.

All I know is that this semester, I have felt less priveleged then those students who have been blogging for a while...I know that everyone has felt this way when they first started out but I just wanted to confirm it.  This article about the clueless usenet newbie did not strike me as shocking.  I am sure fellow bloggers get the same sense that new users are taking over blogs with their intense personal ideas (I do not think that I am one of them).

As for me feeling any effects of this, I think over the past few years that Facebook has gone downhill as it has tried to let in as many new users as possible.  I feel that too many "new" users is a bad thing when it comes to this intense online chat room.  Too many applications, and too much nonsense a lot of which I do not even understand anymore.  I would bet my left arm that my friends who are Freshmen in highschool could navagate Facebook better than me.

Sometimes all of those applications can be very messy and over-the-top but I'd be lying if I said that I did not like some of them.  I just think websites should be a little more simple for users who are not experienced with it.  I think thats all I can muster for the moment....back to class.

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