Gossip, Gossip, and more Gossip

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"People like stories about people.  It's interesting to read about the blind student who makes her away around campus with a seeing-eye dog or the English major who strips for a living" (The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, page 30).

This section of the chapter talked about recognizing people, places, and events that would be interesting for the readers to read.  I chose this quote because in my opinion, it so subtly means that gossip is a one way ticket to an exciting article.

Many people care about the events that happen where they live or useful information they need for help.  However, if there is a moment where that person catches a glimpse of a recognizable name then they will immediately read that section of the article.  Writers can count on the mentioning of celebrities or hometown names to get readers interested in one of their articles.

I definitely thin this is a great fact for writers to know.  It can never hurt to play the name game and throw a few well-known people into the mix of an article to give it some juiciness.  After all, what people want is gossip, gossip, and oh yes, more gossip.

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