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There were some parts of the Intro and Chapter 1 of Writing for the Web 3.0 that I was very interested in reading.

The first part I enjoyed dealt with users of the internet being frustrated when the web page takes a long time to load.  For some reason I like that this fact is actually written in text.  I know I am not the only one who gets frustrated but it is interesting to see how far patience has fallen.  I cannot imagine having to wait as long as people did back when computers were knew...but they were used to that.  Somedays I do not mind but it always seems like the day I need it to be fast is when it is the slowest.

I was also interested in the part of the text that talked about having trouble reading the computer screen.  I never realized, or thought about how much slower it takes people to read text on a computer as opposed to on paper.  It makes sense that the words or clearer on paper and fuzzier on the computer.  I also learned that reading something in your lap is more comfortable for your body and mind rather then reading something directly infront of you.

All in all, the first few chapters of this book definitely kept my attention...

Writing for the Internet... 

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