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I don't know about you, but I have been lectured many times about the proper way to write an e-mail.  This is not the kind of information that I've known all of my life and I certainly remember sending my first e-mail which was to my father.

 Honestly, I believe everybody is capable of writing a respectable e-mail.  It is not "brain surgery" to figure out that when you are typing an e-mail to the president of the school, that you should probably proofread it for grammar mistakes and mechanical errors.  However, the honest mistake that many people make is remembering you are NOT writing to your friends.

 If someone writes an e-mail to their friend and then immediately after they write one to a professor, their brain is on the track to writing a casual e-mail.  Although, like I've said before, if you are writing to someone of that much importance then the obvious action to take is proofreading the e-mail.

 There may be people that need help differentiating between who is considered worthy of a formal e-mail and who will receive an informal one.  For that and many other issues dealing with writing a proper e-mail, the reader can refer to Ten Tips for Writing an Effective E-mail.  In my opinion, if you are ever unsure of how casual to be, just DO NOT be casual.  The safest way is to assume everybody you e-mail is of high importance.  Unless you are sure your best friend is receiving the e-mail.  Even then, it would be a great idea to practice your punctuation and grammar skills on someone you know and having them send an e-mail back reporting to you if the typing looked appropriate.

 The same goes for blogging.  This is a situation where you are safe to assume that many people of different authority are going to be reading these blogs.  In this case, if you have learned about blogging then you already know your audience and it should not be an issue for someone to write something completely inappropriate on a blog site.

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I like the idea that you bring up about assuming everyone is of high importance when writing emails. That would keep you in check all the time, which is a very good thing.

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