Shame on The Teachers

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Well, all I have to say is that these teachers should have much more common sense.  There are a few of my teachers from high school that have Facebook and their main purpose for having it is to respond to questions from students.  Sometimes it was very helpful to ask them on Facebook what I should study for a test instead of sending a formal e-mail.  Even now I enjoy keeping in contact with my Art teacher through Facebook.  His wife recently had twins and he had a picture on Facebook.  I really enjoyed being able to see that.

If you are a teacher and you know your students have Facebook, how could you do anything except being careful?  Students are more tempted in this generation to look for excuses to get teachers fired.  It is the time when students are doing more poorly in school so they want an excuse as to why that is happening.  They blame the teachers.

I have heard many stories of false accusations on teachers which is unfortunate because most of the time they get fired over something they did not do.  This situation on Facebook is a perfect excuse for students to get back at the teachers.  Especially when teachers are foolishly acting that way to get attention.

Maybe after so much commotion over this issue, the many adults will realize they are smarter to keep to themselves on "the book".


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