The Inverted Pyramid

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"The goal of newswriting is to convey a lot of information efficiently"(The Student Newspaper Survival Guide).

I know this quote seems quite short but it goes along with my thoughts on the Inverted Pyramid shown in this chapter.  Obviously I think that this quote is common sense.  You would want to find as much information as possible if you were a newspaper, and of course you would want that information to be accurate.  However, I think that the Pyramid is a good way to set up an article that you might want to write.    \

I know that most people would say that that is common sense too, but as for me, I take thise information and try to gain something from it.  Being one of the people in the class who is most inexperienced with writing for the school paper, I am hoping that the information this book gives is accurate for me to learn by.  I think it is. 

The "Who/ What/ Where/ When/ Why/ How" senerio makes sense to me because that is the biggest part of a news story, but I did not necessarily know that it should be first in a news article.  "Supporting details for lead" should always be an important part of a story otherwise people might question if it is accurate or not.  The lead quote, I learned, should be at the center of an article (Sometimes I would assume that it should be the first thing you write).

I know that the pyramid is just a guideline for writing an article and it is not set in stone but it helps to remember the details I must put in the pages that I write. Back to this again.

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