Words Aren't For Hurting People

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It was rough trying to get through this article.  I stopped numerous times to think about what I had just read and why it was happening.  There were parts that I understood and parts that I did not.

Overall, one part I understood was the urge to "egg" people on.  There are many people who just love to put up a good argument.  Even among friends this happens.  You do not always have to be trying to prove a point, sometimes you just want to see the other person struggle to retaliate.  What I absolutely cannot understand is how people could write something so morbid about someone who had passed away.  Furthermore, I cannot understand how brutal words are aimed at someone to drive them to take their own life.

I have always felt that having the knowledge and ability to write was something special.  Even being able to use a computer and all of its features this day and age is special.  Apparently words are now being used to drive people to such a state of mind that they can't bear to live?  I can't even begin to imagine how cruel those words must have been.

Trolls have the ability to use their words, that is for sure, but before this article I thought this situation never went beyond annoying people on the internet.  Since no one seems to know who these trolls are then it is frightening to wonder if it will ever stop.  I know from now on I will try to be as careful as possible in responding to people that I know and especially those who i don't.

Take it away.

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