Wow...This is Difficult

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I have spent many an hour trying to figure out this Castro p.1-30 and it has not been going so well.

I have not made it too far.  My problem is that I made it to page 13 and I could not figure out how to open the web page and the browser? It is probably one of those really simple instructions that I just cannot get but I don't see any way to retrieve the web page that I made.  I know that I made those other two files (the CSS and the HTML) but I do not know how that made a web page, or where I am supposed to look to find it.

I don't know if any of that made sense but what's in my head sure does not make any sense to me right now...

I am definitely going to need some help with this...



Jed Fetterman said:

The book is confusing about what the web page should be saved as. At first I thought it said that we had to save it as a .txt file, but when I opened it with Internet Explorer, it would show up as a text file. Then I went back and saw that it said to save it .htm, but with .txt format or something. The book can be ambiguous in some spots. The icon for the html document should have the logo for your default browser. Just click on it and it should load your page. The book does work if you stick with it word for word.

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