Diagnosing and Analyzing

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While reading Joseph M. Williams Style, I especially liked reading his section on "Diagnosis and Revision."  He talked about being able to discover the placement of verbs and actions in any sentences.  I thought about his method and after reading the section on diagnosing, analyzing, and rewriting, I decided it would probably be more beneficial to correct my sentences as best I can as I write them.  Otherwise, I'm looking at hours of revision if I'm going to follow his directions closely.

On the other hand, I can take what he has taught me about diagnosing the problems and scale it down for my benefit.  I plan on making sure the verbs and action words I use come at the right time in my sentences.  After reading this chapter, I thought about all the times my sentences sounded like this:

"Once upon a time, as a walk through the woods was taking place on the part of Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf's jump out from behind a tree occurred, causing her fright" (27).

I wrote this way because, on occasion, it sounded more professional.  There were other times when I didn't know how the sentence was going to end until I ended it and it sounded like the above sentence but I wouldn't feel like changing it.  Well, it looks like I'm going to avoid these mishaps and avoid going through the entire analyzing process by thinking about my sentences carefully before I write them down.

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