Human Discovered or God Created?

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"The dedicated scribe, the object or our treatise, will never fail to praise God, give pleasure to angels, strengthen the just, convert sinners, commend the humble, confirm the good, confound the proud and rebuke the stubborn" (Trithemius, 470).

I have never heard such a holy description about writing which came from Johannes Trithemius' chapter in Writing Material.  It is refreshing to know that other people think this way besides the priests and deacons of my parish at home.  I think this portrays a writer as a kind of 'warrior' ready to take on the evil of the world and transform it into good.  The quote continues with this:

"There is nothing more salutary than this office, or more commendable than this piety which is loved by God, praised by the angels and admired by the citizens of heaven" (Trithemius, 470).

It is important to sometimes think of writing as doing some good for God.  I know it helps me but that might be because of my strong religious faith; it certainly hits home.  I know that people need reasons for everything; they want answers all of the time.  This is a great passage to really analyze and think, "Maybe this is why writing was created." I read this passage and thought about the many times I have had a profound thought and there is no one around to hear it so I write it down.  It certainly becomes easier and easier to build on the thought when I can just keep writing, stop and think, and then keep writing again.  We were built to write; our hands can prove that which brings me to this next part of the passage when Trithemius writes about a pious brother at a monastery who copied books.  

He writes, " was discovered that the three fingers of his right hand, with which he had written so many books, were as preserved and fresh as if buried the day before.  Of the rest of the body nothing remained but bones.  This proves how sacred the task of the scribe is in the eyes of God who so honored even in death the limbs of the scribe to demonstrate to the living the merits of his work" (Trithemius, 474).

This gave me something to think about.  When I think something is a sign, I take it close to heart.  This quote is a great example of people looking at a situation and taking it as a sign from God; we were meant to write.  How else would the stories from the Bible been passed through each century?  When I think about all of those stories; the many religious stories I have been told or read, I think about how God must of figured that word-of-mouth wasn't going to be good enough for thoughts and stories are so complex.  Even too complex for the mind.  It is better to have them written down so we can take in the information as slowly and intricately as we want to.

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