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I never expected to learn so much about something as simple as writing.  In fact, I learned that it isn't so simple after all.  This first unit in Media of Cultures, our class talked about the transformation from oral to written communication.  Some of the texts included Writing Material and The Muse Learns to Write.  Both books offered different insight and opinions on the issues of speaking orally and writing.

Though I do not have anything against oral communication, I sided with the idea that writing is most beneficial and most important for every day life.  Along with this talk about spoken and written word, there were discussions on the use and affect of technology from past to present and even what it might progress to in the future.  Writing, for me, has definitely been more popular then speaking, but as I read the text and discussed in class I realized the very important benefits of oral communication and I found myself enjoying the discussions immensely.

Now I will take you through a long few weeks of blog entries which introduce my thoughts on writing and oral communication and one would notice the progression I had from strongly disliking oral communication, to finding some sense in it.

Coverage:  I never missed a blog assignment in this first unit about oral and written communication.  The amount of time and effort I put into each blog shows that I was analyzing the readings and anxious to get my thoughts out for my classmates to view.  I could honestly say that each and every one of my blog entries showed coverage, but here are a few that I was most proud of along with a few blogs from my peers which mentions my work.

  • PowerPoints Here is a blog from one of my classmates which mentions my blog about the idea and use of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Technology  This is another blog from a different classmate of mine which mentions my blog about Howard Rheingold's chapter in the book Writing Material about Amish people and their views on technology.
  • Greek Power This blog is an example of how I sometimes 'cover' talking about one of my blogs in another blog by linking to it rather than writing the same response.

Depth:  There were countless blog entries of mine which showed my ability to go above and beyond expectation.  These are my blogs which linked to further details on certain subjects and show numerous quotes from the texts that we used for class.

  • Write it Down This blog was exceptionally lengthy and full of links and quotes about Walter Ong's chapter in Writing Material which talks about spoken and written word.
  • A Boring Default This was my PowerPoint blog that showed the in depth thought I put into covering this issue of technology.
  • Extend Our Brains Here is a blog that I focused a lot on radio broadcasting and shared links and many quotes to further emphasize my thoughts on technology.

Interactions:  My classmates have had many interesting thoughts about the subject matter in the classroom, and I certainly wanted to let them know how I felt about their opinions; always in a polite manner.  These are some of my peers blogs that I made comments on along with my blogs that link to my peers.

  • Silent Paper On Maddie's blog, I shared my similar opinion with her on oral vs. the written word.
  • Holograms This is my comment on Tiffany's blog about how I enjoyed her thoughts on how technology will progress in the future.
  • No Limits This is my blog which links to Maddie's blog about the use of grammar in the English language.

Discussions:  I always enjoy reading and hearing what my classmates have to say about my thoughts and opinions.  These blog entries show that certain blogs of mine sparked interest and comments along with discussions from my peers.

  • Amish In The City This blog was reflecting the reading Amish and their reasoning for living without technology.
  • Homer and the Iliad This shorter blog caused discussion on my classmates opinions about a certain passage from Homers' Iliad.
  • PowerPoint Here is a blog which expresses my opinion on the use of PowerPoint.  It caused some difference of opinion between someone who is not a classmate of mine along with someone who is.

Timeliness:  My ability to submit my blogs at least 24 hours before class discussions was not much of an issue in this first unit.  My time management skills came in handy to insure that I posted my blogs early enough to especially create some online discussion.  Since most of my blogs were submitted in a timely manner, here are a few select blogs to take a look at.

  • Don't Forget This I submitted this blog well before the due date and I wrote about Walter Ong's essay about written and oral communication.
  • YouTube Blog This blog, that talked mostly about the use of YouTube nowadays, was my most timely blog.
  • Talking and Writing Here is another blog about my views on the spoken word which shows my timeliness.

Xenoblogging:  I love when I receive comments on my blogs, so I enjoy returning the favor to my peers.  Here are some of my peers blog entries which I made sure to offer my opinions and boost some online conversation for the topic they were talking about.

  • Chelsea's Blog Here is when I offered my similar views to the use of PowerPoint.
  • Maddie's Blog I commented on Maddie's blog how I agreed with her explanation about reading stories.
  • Erica's Blog On Erica's blog, she talked about her views on Homer's Iliad, and I politely disagreed with her view on the subject and offered my own opinion.

Wildcard:  Although I have linked to a majority of my blogs form the beginning of this semester, there are always a few stragglers.  Here are a few blogs that I think prove the passion and thought that goes into writing them.

  • The Muse Learns to Write I loved writing this blog because I discovered a few things about myself.  Plus there was some great conversation attached.
  • English Language Here is a blog from another class which shows how I don't think English is so ordinary and the comments developed some interesting conversation.
  • Plato's Discovery This is a blog that I just enjoyed writing because the Socrates passage caught my attention and I wanted to write out my views on the spoken and written word.  Plus it received a comment!
Enjoy, and I'll see you for my next blogging portfolio in a few weeks!  In the meantime, take a look at my classmates' portfolio's.

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