Books Are Not Ordinary: They're Unique

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In The Case for Books, Robert Darnton writes, "...he calls up a librarian at Harvard in order to find out whether it was sold off as a duplicate.  'Oh, we would never have hard copies going back that far - they just don't keep,' she replies.  He  then shoots back, not to her but as an aside addressed to us: 'They don't keep, kiddo, if you don't keep them,'" (Darnton, 126).

I didn't know that libraries discarded books that much.  It amazes me to think that a place as sacred for book-keeping as a library would treat books that way.  I always assumed they saved every book they could lay their hands on, and I suppose some of them still do a good job with that.

The internet has certainly affected the originality of books.  You know, it's not always about just having the story, sometimes it is about having the book in hand.  As Shellie said in her blog, the internet just offers so many things from shopping to online research to chatting with friends, so why not add reading books to the list.  I can't imagine how much it would cost to find some of those original books.  I'd hope people would still pay money to get those original the same, I have gone to used book stores and seen old addition copies of books for about a dollar and that just makes me want to stock up.

I for one do not appreciate school books as much as I should, or really any paper or books that are involved with the university.  What I mean by that is I prefer to look up books and articles from out school library on my computer rather than physically going to the library and hand-shuffleing through the journals.

Many books are a part of online reading now.  As much as I would hate to see old and legendary books being destroyed, would I really mind if newer books were just put online?  Probably not.  As it is, many people are trying to conserve paper nowadays anyway, so not using paper for some of the thousands of books published a year wouldn't be such a bad idea.  I never thought about books being sent straight to the internet instead of's like those movies that are made straight to DVD's.  This is something that I'll probably have to think about again in the near future.

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