Control CAPITALIZATION and Avoid Bias

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When in the Setonian office, I have noticed a lot of bickering about names, places, and objects that need to be capitalized.

Here is what the Style Guide says: Capitalize the first word after a colon in all titles in references and in the text and in headings.  (Ex: Capitalize specific course departments titles.  (Ex: GSU Department of Psychology).

APA style tip #2: AVOID BIAS

As much as most of us have been writing articles, I still find at least 1 or 2 bias references in articles because sometimes we really don't know that we are doing it!

Gender bias should be avoided and appropriate language is needed when discussing issues of sexual orientation.  Make adjustments to labels and call people what they prefer to be called.  Use adjectives to serve as descriptors rather than labels.  (Ex: "elderly people," "amnestic patients").  

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