Managing Sentences to Become Coherent

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Write clear, well-informed sentences that attract readers to your work.  If you write long, drawn out sentences that bore readers to death, literary gremlins will attack you in your sleep.  To avoid these literary gremlins you must know how to properly place all words and sentences to make the story come out.  If you fail to put everything together in one smooth and continuous pattern, readers will become lost and confused, losing interest in whatever you wrote.  Without clarity, readers lose interest and understanding in the meaning behind  writing.

This is the original paragraph that came out of the exercise.  I personally think that it flows really well, I was actually surprised by this.  If anyone can offer opinions on this paragraph for what might need to be tweaked than that would be great.  Otherwise, I am going to leave it as is for now because this paragraph does show coherence.  I liked this exercise because it showed our ability to write sentences that continued the flow from the first sentece.  I think the class did very well with this for the most part.

See what my classmates came up with!

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