Satisfaction Guaranteed?

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Oh Italo Calvino, YOU never give up do you?  Well, YOUR book If On A Winter's Night A Traveler isn't at all what I thought this was going to turn into.  In fact, I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  Actually, I know it's not bad, but it is weird.

'"Reading,' he says, 'is always this: there is a thing that is there, a thing made of writing, a solid, material object, which cannot be changed, and through this thing we measure ourselves against something else that is not present, something else that belongs to the immaterial, invisible world, because it was once and is no longer, past, lost, unattainable, in the land of the dead...'" (Calvino, 72).

I absolutely loved this paragraph.  Of course that is what reading is.  Books are more often meant for the reader to get away from their own world and dive into something impossible.  Sometimes that is my frustration with reading.  I will be deep in a story that I wish were real and sometimes I'll wonder why its not real...then I remember that this is a "story" because of the fact that it could never happen.  Although, I have hope that the essence of those fiction stories could one day be real, but that's a different story.

I was right about this book.  I hoped I would get used to Calvino talking to me as the reader and I did.  He actually did not talk directly to me as much as he did in the first few chapters.  However, I noticed that in one chapter he referred to "you" being me, a lot.  He was always trying to associate me with Ludmilla and Uzzi-Tuzii to try and get me thinking about the plot and it did work.  It was almost as if I gave into his way of talking to me and finally decided to go along with this game.  Then, he switched gears and in the next few chapters referred to himself more then me.  He said "I" constantly and it seemed as though I was gone and he was just telling a story...which is what I liked better.

Overall I was satisfied with where the story was going until I read that very awkward sex scene.  Yes, I had to start from the beginning once I got into the scene because I thought maybe I was mistaken for where it was going.  It might not have been as awkward if it was, for lack of a better term, a "three-some?"  Even writing this is making me uncomfortable so I'm going to stop.  But, I must say that he had me until that point.  Now, I feel as though I have to watch myself while reading this because it appears that any crazy thing can show up in this text.  This does make it more exciting but it also makes me a little nervous for what's to come.

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