My Inner Ear Has the Upper Hand

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In chapter 4 of Williams' Style, he says, "The terms active and passive, however, are ambiguous, because they can refer not only to those two grammatical constructions but to how those sentences make you feel.  We call a sentence passive if it feels flat, regardless of whether its verb is grammatically in the passive voice," (Williams, 47).

I like this quote because I understand it.  It almost refers to my thoughts in a previous chapter about how I structure my sentences around what sounds correct.  Though, it is confusing to know that this could actually be a rule.  Williams says that even if a sentence is grammatically correct, we can still call it flat; which is how I evaluate my writing.  I guess there is a time and a place to to move around the grammar and structure so it just sounds right and I never want to try too hard on making a sentence sound right to me, but I would like to find the middle ground.

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