We'll Never Know How Far it Will Go

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In Writing Material, Dennis Baron writes, "While brave new literacy technologies offer new opportunities for producing and manipulating text, they also present new opportunities for fraud," (Baron, 37).

Chelsea brought up some great picture examples in her blog about this subject of fraud.  People are becoming much wiser in developing technologies today but with that comes the even smarter people who can crack the codes and bend the rules to create their own ingenious discoveries.  These people are frauds.  What is most unsettling is the fact that we cannot detect it a lot of the time.  People are so good at lying and manipulating texts, pictures, anything on a computer, that no one can tell the difference.  We live in a scary world that keeps getting more scary.

"My contention in this essay is a modest one: the computer is simply the latest step in a long line of writing technologies," (Baron, 37).

I have mentioned this before in other blogs;  the computer is hardly the farthest the technology of writing is going to get.  But I think people are already trying to make things easier that don't need to be made easier.  There is a great performance by Ellen Degeneres that can be seen on YouTube and during this particular segment, she talks about technology and how it is only causing people to become more and more lazy.  

There is a danger here that we are not aware of.  Sure, things are becoming more convenient but what is wrong with still maintaining that mobility?  As a human being, I am prepared to exercise my brain and body but technology is starting to take that away.  I was watching the news and saw that the most recent generation of children is the first one ever predicted to not outlive their parents.  What is happening?  Could it be the video and computer game technology that keeps advancing and grabbing children's attention?  Kids aren't even required to write anymore and instead they must type, which takes away the writers cramp but also the skill.  The online shopping and instant messaging which allows for no necessary outside contact?  Kid's can stay at home and have the convenience of a television, computer, and phone that allows games, music, and communication all in one.  Technology maybe killing us.  I will not let that happen to me or my children.  If there is a need for this much advanced technology and features and there is a need for kids and adults alike to still exercise their brains and body's in hands-on ways.

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