An Interactive Non-Fiction

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"In terms of literature, a fiction is a portrayal of invented events or characters, usually in the form of prose (short stories, novels, etc.), constructed in a way that invites rather than dispels belief.  A successful fiction must, therefore, in one sense be interactive, just as a lie needs a believer in order to work," (50).

This chapter of Aarseth's book Cybertext was much more easier for me to follow than the introduction.  I thought that Aarseth did a good job explaining this comparison between fiction and cyber-fiction.  Normally, I would not agree that both aspects of fiction are the same, but after reading his comparison's on the issue, I would say that they are very similar.

Aarseth explains interactive fiction to mean either two things: The first thing being that it means nothing in particular, the second thing being that its meaning is perceived to be so trivial that it is self-explanatory. (50) I would agree with this because I have used interactive fiction where the story is just created by some links that I have to click on in order to find out further information.  This may be tedious and confusing at times, but I know how to work it because it is self-explanatory.  I am not sure I follow how it means nothing in particular.  I have always that that interactive fiction is that way because it has a special meaning...I don't get how it can't mean anything.

Aarseth then goes into describing the dictionary definition of fiction, which means a representation of an unreal event or object; something invented or imaginary; a lie.  Yes, this is a fiction story but I never thought of it as a lie.  I actually think it's a little harsh to call it that.  If it was meant to be a lie, then it would be called that.  It is called fiction because true the stories are not real, however, it is understood to those reading it that they are not real...there is no surprise in the making.

I don't think interactive fiction is always fiction.  Some of the games are based off of real-life situations or experiences.  Sometimes even real stories come into the games and then it is just scrolling through the pictures and story.  An interactive fiction does not mean fiction all of the time, which is what I think Aarseth was trying to say, although sometimes I cannot find his point.

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