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I don't have much experience with what Espen J, Aarseth is talking about in his book Cybertext.  Actually, I felt as though I were inside a computer system during this first chapter.  Aarseth writes with so many words and phrases that I do not understand and even after I look the word up, it seems that there were so many words to look-up that it was useless.  Aside from that, it's not that I couldn't follow what Aarseth is saying.

Here is something I got from the chapter.  Aarseth writes, "A labyrinth without exit is a labyrinth without entrance; in other words, not a labyrinth at all," (7).

He uses this quote as he explains that is explaining a book called The Magus, which he is using to help explain the meaning behind the word labyrinth, which he is using to explain that cybertexts fit in the "game-world-technology" (5).  I get this idea of a labyrinth and what I really get is that this chapter is like a labyrinth to me: There is an entrance an exit but I'm going to have a heck of a time trying to get out of it.  In other words, this concept makes sense but when he comes back to cybertext, I am lost all over again.

As a result of my lack of knowledge that I received from this chapter, it's going to take a lot of other people convincing me that this book has something to offer.  I know that I will be able to learn from it, since I don't know much about cybertext to begin with, but it is not an interest of mine.  Not like my classmate Maddie, who is very interested in gaming and that kind of technology.  I definitely do not have that flair and therefore this is hard for me to even try to understand.  But I trust that Aarseth is going to make some good points along the way.

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