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I have continued to learn so much about writing, reading, and above all analyzing in this semester of EL 336 Media and Culture.  It has been challenging and rewarding all at the same time, and I am very excited to have learned so much about the history of the book  with exerts from Writing Material to books like The Case For Books, and If On A Winter's Night A Traveler.  Now we are on to the digital culture!

Through most of my blogs, I expressed my deep thoughts on issues discussed in class for print culture, and my deep confusion for books such as Cybertext, which talks about digital culture.  Along with the discussions in class and my peers' blogs, I have grown in knowledge and understanding of the issues faced in the past and the issues we are faced with now regarding the printed text.

Now I will take you through a long few weeks of blog entries which introduce my thoughts on many of these new books and new issues that I learned.

Coverage:  I don't miss blog assignments often.  In fact, in the past two months I have only missed about two.  The amount of time and effort I put into each blog shows that I was analyzing the readings and anxious to get my thoughts out for my classmates to view.  I could honestly say that each and every one of my blog entries showed coverage, but here are a few that I was most proud of along with a few blogs from my peers which mentions my work.

  • Bibliographies for Dummies is a blog in which I got so excited with my ideas that I quoted Darnton multiple times to try and further examine my thoughts.
  • Text does speak, according to my classmate Erica, who linked back to my blog to further emphasize her ideas.
  • Song of the day was a blog by my classmate Chelsea.  She linked to my blog because she agreed with my ideas on print culture.
  • Translation of books, was an idea that a classmate of mine had in her blog, which links to my blog on the same issue because we had the same opinions.

Depth:  There were countless blog entries of mine which showed my ability to go above and beyond expectation.  These are my blogs which linked to further details on certain subjects and show numerous quotes from the texts that we used for class.

  • Italo Calvino inspired me to go into deep thought on his interesting way of writing to catch people's attention.
  • Darnton had my attention with his chapter on bibliographers as I went into deep depth on discovering their importance.
  • Gaming.  This blog delve into exploring the gaming circuit and I was very happy with the depth I went into the games that I had played.

Interaction:  My classmates have had many interesting thoughts about the subject matter in the classroom, and I certainly wanted to let them know how I felt about their opinions; always in a polite manner if I disagree.  These are some of my peers blogs that I made comments on along with my blogs that link to my peers because of their opinions that I truly valued.

  • How far will technology go?  I explain this in my blog that links to Chelsea's blog because I was so excited about the way she described the idea of fraud.
  • Printing Press.  This is my classmate Tiffany's blog, which I had a deep thought comment on.
  • The Best of us Make Mistakes.  This was Maddie's blog.  I loved the way she explained part of this book because I was having some difficulty understanding it and I wanted to comment on her blog to tell her of my interest.
  • Aarseth:  Not Such A Bad Thing.  This was a blog in which I started agreeing with one of our authors and I wanted to link to Tiffany's blog because I was excited about how she was feeling too.

Discussion:  I always enjoy reading and hearing what my classmates have to say about my thoughts and opinions.  These blog entries show that certain blogs of mine sparked interest and comments along with discussions from my peers.

  • Writing and Reasoning.  This blog of mine struck an interesting and exciting conversation between me and one of my classmates.
  • There is Potential.  I knew this blog was interesting, and I was happy to hear how it struck some of my peers who commented on it.
  • The Case for Reading.  Darnton has continued to strike good conversation, and apparently this blog of mine was one to do it.
  • Aarseth again.  This blog struck the nerve of our professor and although he was the only one to comment, his thoughts came out in class and therefore the discussion proceeded there between my classmates and myself.

Take a look at the interaction section of my portfolio, which also contains many great discussion blogs.

Timeliness:  My ability to submit my blogs at least 24 hours before class discussions was has been not much of an issue.  I always have the blogs in on time, although sometimes it is hard to do it in less than 24 hours.  But it is always before class!  Here are a few selected blogs that were submitted a great deal earlier than other blogs I have done.

  • Time Flies.  Here is a blog that I posted a few days well before the class day.
  • More Calvino.  This is another blog that I posted a few days before the class day.  I must have really been on top of things!

Xenoblogging:  I love when I receive comments on my blogs, so I enjoy returning the favor to my peers.  Here are some of my peers blog entries which I made sure to offer my opinions and boost some online conversation for the topic they were talking about.

  • Cybertext Development.  I really enjoyed this blog by my classmate and wanted to make sure I commented, if nothing else, just to let her know I agreed!
  • "Ya'don't know me."  A few classmates and I wanted to comment on this peer's blog because she did a great job digging deep in her opinions on this book.

Wildcard:  Although I have already linked to a majority of my blogs from the beginning of this semester, there are always a few stragglers.  Here are a few blogs that I think prove the passion and thought that goes into writing them.

  • Grab A Copy.  I really liked this chapter in Writing Material, and I wanted to give it a time to shine since none of my classmates were able to really comment on it.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed?  I thought this blog of mine went into great depth AND portrayed some comedy.  Give it a look!
  • An Interactive Non-Fiction I really liked this entry because I spent so much with links and explanations.  It deserves a spot on here!

Enjoy!  Only one more portfolio for this semester, so I will see you back here to check out my progress in a few short weeks.  In the meantime, take a look at the blogging portfolio's of my classmates!

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