Those Weighty Words

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"When we get close to the end of a sentence, we expect words that deserve stress, so we may feel a sentence is anticlimactic if it ends on words of slight grammatical or semantic weight," (120).  This is out of Williams' chapter about Elegance in his book Style.

Well, this is something new to think about.  Apparently adjectives and adverbs are heavier than prepositions, but lighter than verbs or nouns, which are nominalizations.  It is important to achieve balance in a sentence but it is difficult for me to sometimes get those weighty words at the end of my sentence.  I guess they also need to be in the beginning of my sentences.

I like how Williams used Winston Churchill's speech as an example because his speech is the definition of what I would call elegant.  The sentence flows and uses the tips that Williams was giving me about putting the balance in a sentence.  As Williams says, "The rhythm of a sentence should carry readers toward strength" (150).

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