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I remember these games from Writing For The Internet.  I felt like I had more time to explore different ones than I had last year.  Some of these games or texts I didn't care for so much.  Especially the ones where they just gave bits of historical information or something like that...I figured that was what Google is for.  Other ones, I found very interesting and I was able to give my time toward exploring them.

Loved it!  I love those kind of games where you can create your own paths and synchronization.  I loved that the birds were made up of letters and each of them offered a different affect.  I started by going through each of the 13 different birds individually to see what they did.  Then I just began putting two together, than three, than four.  It was so much fun to watch them in the sky and honestly?  It was peaceful too.  This kind of game is always peaceful to me.  Loved it.

The name obviously grabbed my attention first.  But then, I realized it was so much more.  I thought it was going to be one of those games that just gives me a definition or pictures, but it was not what I expected!  Through these five different pages, the text slowly formed into a large paragraph.  The text would read something in random areas of the page but then those words would be split up and moved around until it eventually formed one big and thoughtful paragraph.  Then at the end, the words all fell in a pill at the bottom of the screen and the word Faith fell and made an imprint on the pile.  I just thought it was the coolest thing and informative!  It definitely gave me something to think about.

I did not expect to like this one or even spend much time looking at it.  But I was interested in seeing how it ended and where it was taking me.  A girl and her mother are at a base camp in China and her dad didn't come home like he normally does so her and her mom go out to look for him.  I could move through the story by clicking on the arrows but then there became other ways for me to move through the story.  My favorite part was using her cell phone to take pictures of flowers, I thought that was really cool.  I liked the sound effects because I actually got scared, I thought something bad was going to happen.  Luckily, it was a happy ending and I thought the story was very good and neat to follow along with!

Those were probably some of my favorite ones.  I also looked at Strings, and I looked at I, You, We, which I thought was awesome because it made me feel like I was at the center of everything.  I Could click and hold my mouse at the center of the screen and pull the words all around me.  Each time I pulled the words around, I found new words!  I liked exploring one.  There were some like, The Self Portrait, that I didn't find interesting because like I said before, it didn't give me much to do except look at different artists' portraits of people, unless I was missing something.

All in all I really enjoy exploring these games because it doesn't take too much time to do so. Some text games are very long and drawn out and I get frustrated when I can't figure out what to do (we're probably going to be looking at those ones more in depth too).  But the ones that I looked at were attention grabbing to me because they were so much more than text.  Text does not grab my attention (unless it's in a book) so text games don't offer much to me.  The stories and text I liked best involved pictures, colors and stories that had endings, I could change things, and nothing went wrong.  These were my kind of games.

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