March 16, 2005

Spring Break

I was unable to update due to our spring break trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. I traveled there with the Women's Tennis Team, we had three matches and only one practice. It was nice, the weather was actually really warm and sunny most of the time. I think we only won one out of our three matches but they didn't count for our division anyways, we just tried to have fun and try our best. The first night when we had our match was under the lights at 6pm, if i remember correctly. I played doubles with Marina, we lost. Then in singles I won, however the girl forfeited due to her "ankle injury." Our next match which was lets see I believe on Wednesday at 11am, Marina and I won in doubles in a tie breaker, and I always won my singles match very easily I believe 6-1,6-0. Overall I believe our team won. Finally our last match was on Thursday, a team from North Carolina. Their team was all freshman but a very experienced group of girls. In doubles Marina and I won in a tiebreaker, and in singles I lost in three sets. I was ahead and was definitely able to beat her, however, my arm started to hurt and was just tired. Anyways, the break overall was a lot of fun with a lot of free time to do whatever we wish. I was able to read A Streetcar Named Desire over break, which actualyl didnt take too long, it was actually quite enjoyable.

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