March 16, 2005

A Streetcar Named Desire

Over spring break I was able to read this play in my spare time, which I had very little, due to our tennis matches and such activities. Anyways, I really seemed to enjoy the play, the humor, drama, and mystery which was included throughout the play. I disliked Stanley for several reasons. All throughout the play he had this power over the women and even his friends. He always had to take charge, have things his own way, and make others feel bad for what they had done. He was snobbish and rude to not only his wife and Blanche but also his friends, he would give orders and be careless to others feelings. Blanche, however, I had mixed feelings about, one minute she seemed like the sweet and innocent type, then at other times she would come across as sneeky and as a liar. She had the perfect opportunity to start a great relationship with Stanelys friend, at the time i forget his name. This was not entirely her fault for losing the relationship, mostly Stanley's for telling him about Blanches past. Therefore when he came over, she did nothing, not even really stop him from leaving or helping the situation. I dont feel like she really deserved the punishment she had gotten at the end, Stella could have just sent her back to her hometown, maybe with a little money to start out with, or anything small, just to get her back on the right track. Instead they sent her away to the hospital. After all she was sexually abused by Stanely and this is what she gets for that, getting sent away. However, I do see how Stella can feel bad for what she is doing to her sister, but in a way I understand because she doesn't know about the abuse, only lies.

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I have to agree with you on Stanley. He was the boss type person in this play and he did love the power. He is really assertive and forward and it might trace back to his time in the army. I disagree with you on Blanche. I don't think she was mentally stable enough to leave and go on with her life. It seemed to me that she was making up the millionaire in texas, and was not welcomed back in her home town because of her sexual history their. I think she needed help, but maybe not as far as putting her in a hospital.

Posted by: Scott Clark at March 17, 2005 04:59 PM
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