April 21, 2005

Poetry Slam

I chose three poems to present this Thursday April 22. The first is written by Adrien Stoutenberg, Ants and Others. I chose this poem mostly because of the humor involved. It mostly talks about the mission that ants have in getting their food each day. The continuous struggle that ants have in the survival of food. (92)

The next poem I chose was called Bus Stop written by Donald Justice. I'm not really sure why I chose this one so much, mostly because I felt I could act this poem out the best I suppose. I felt that this work of poetry was mostly about the continuous cycle of life which each person goes through. That ever person has their life plotted out for them and that destiny takes over in certain instances. (99)

The last poem was called Rent written by Jane Cooper. In this poem Cooper provides the reader with a statement of goodnesss and desire. Here she teaches a lesson of friendship and honor in this poem where she describes a free and open heart is the key to a balanced friendship. Also, a main point that I felt stood out was that, the feeling of kindness of a friend, who is able to sit down at dinner each night, can be more rewarding than a paper check for rent each month. (143)

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