February 22, 2005

The Love Song

Prufrock, in this poem we see his weakness in taking actions through social engagments. We also see him describing how he strolls through the streets and watching men hanging out their windows. Meanwhile, we see him thinking about several women "arms and perfume" ..but his social nervousness interfered. Overall, Prufrock was a worrier, he always wondered how people would see him as or what kind of person he was. He was always afraid of getting old and would sit by the beach dreaming up mermaids singing and swimming. Overall, i really enjoyed this poem and thought it was romantic.

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In this play I felt that Sophie Treadwell descibed the different characters personalities very well. For example, the Young Woman had a slight personality of being naive and also pessimistic. She was afraid of marrying someone she wasn't in love with, therefore getting her heart broken in the end. Also, we see this later in the play when she gets involved with the "Man." She was naive when she met this young fellow in the bar and went back to his apartment and "fell in love" with his personality. However, we see him playing with her mind and not being able to settle with a relationship and stay in one place. We see her mother earlier in the play, influence her into marrying Mr. Jones because of his money, therefore forces her into marriage with him in the end, not happy.

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February 15, 2005

Gatsby Ending

I really enjoyed the ending of the book, even though I was confused a bit at the end. At first, i didnt really understand the part where Wilsons body was presented as him laying off the side of the road. At that point I thought he died, however later it seemed he didnt? Also, i wasnt quite sure how Gatsby got injured and later died. On the other hand, I felt the book overall was excellent. Gatsby used superior imagery to help the reader illustrate what is going on. Also, I am looking into the whole social class as it relates to Gatsby. I am writing my essay on how Gatsy and other people today, work their way up the "social ladder" and learn through their mistakes. Also, the unreality and reality of Gatsbys thinking before and after the war was interesting to read about. Before the war, the reality of him and Daisy staying together seemed pretty realistic and assuring, however, people change and while he was at war Daisy had to decide whether or not she wanted to wait around for her loving soldier. The unrealistic parts of the story where Gatsby presented to us was when he threw parties waiting for Daisy to come and fall into his arms once more and pick up where they left off. Fitzgerald illustrates these realistic and unrealistic effects of Gatsby to us very well in the story.

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February 11, 2005

The Great Gatsby

A few questions i would ask myself about the first six chapters would probably be about Gatsby and his past and history. Also, I would want to find out more information on how he is so wealthy, and if he really got all his money from his family. Also, I would like to find out more about why Gatsby wants to keep Nick around. If there is any reason for him, or he is just using him to get closer to Daisy.

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February 09, 2005

Happy Ash Wednesday to All.

The Ash Wednesday_If_RESIZED.jpg

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The Great Gatsby #2

Throughout chapter three i found it odd how Gatsby become so popular with others in New York, just by throwing parties. This is funny because today, the same type of relation can be connected to this story through the way Gatsby performed. Everyone wanted to be invited to these parties, as goes today where people want to be part of that special popular group.

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The Great Gatsby

First off, since the blogs were hacked once again i wasnt able to submit entries as soon as i had wished. Anyways, a lot of people have read this story before, however, I was never really required to read it. So therefore i was pretty interested in finding out why this book was such a big deal. In the beginning of the story I liked how it introduced Nick and his background. I was reading in another blog who submitted an entry on The Great Gatsby that its so likely to read about these people just laying around and enjoying their tea and parties. Interesting also, how Tom was taking advantage of Miss Baker. I found this funny because the time period which this occured happened quite frequently.

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February 03, 2005

The Adding Machine

During this reading it seemed that it was a time of struggle. Unhappiness and stressful situations, during their hardships. Seemed like working was taking over their lives which they had no social life to enjoy.

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