April 21, 2005

Poetry Slam

I chose three poems to present this Thursday April 22. The first is written by Adrien Stoutenberg, Ants and Others. I chose this poem mostly because of the humor involved. It mostly talks about the mission that ants have in getting their food each day. The continuous struggle that ants have in the survival of food. (92)

The next poem I chose was called Bus Stop written by Donald Justice. I'm not really sure why I chose this one so much, mostly because I felt I could act this poem out the best I suppose. I felt that this work of poetry was mostly about the continuous cycle of life which each person goes through. That ever person has their life plotted out for them and that destiny takes over in certain instances. (99)

The last poem was called Rent written by Jane Cooper. In this poem Cooper provides the reader with a statement of goodnesss and desire. Here she teaches a lesson of friendship and honor in this poem where she describes a free and open heart is the key to a balanced friendship. Also, a main point that I felt stood out was that, the feeling of kindness of a friend, who is able to sit down at dinner each night, can be more rewarding than a paper check for rent each month. (143)

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April 17, 2005

Miracle At St. Anna

Miracle At St Anna written by James McBride is a powerful novel of World War II experiences. Personally I felt that in the beginning of the story, it didn't pick up enough, it was kind of a drag to get through the first four chapters. After awhile though, the story picked up and I got more involved in the setting and characters.

The most confusing chapter, which I barely understood, was chapter four. I wasn't quite sure what this had to do with anything? "The Mountain of The Sleeping Man?" We were required to read The Color of Water for our summer reading assignment coming into school, which I felt was an excellent choice for students to read. It was not only emotionally moving, but gave students something to think about coming into a new school, with students from different backgrounds and ethic types.

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April 6, 2005

Blood-Burning Moon

Louisa, a strong willed, attractive African American woman played a major role in this story, in which two men fall head over heels for her love. One man black, one white. We see at the end how Tom ends up killed Bob, and how the "Full Moon" acts as bad signs of fate possibly. Fulls moons were always thought of as the "bad nights where crazy people come out and act all funny." In this story, the moon acts as a crazy sign where Tom is overcome with bad spirits in killed Bob.

Throughout the story, I felt bad for Lousia, being able to try to bring the people together through her songs, and her attractiveness. In the end, she is most likely left all alone with no one. This story involved excellent imagery, and powerful emotional formats through character description.



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Here We Are

"Here We Are," written by Dorothy Parker I felt was a short story which represented a woman's emotions and self confidence in the early stages of marriage. "Her hat, her fur, her frock, her gloves were glossy and stiff with novelty." This sentece represented this woman with high class, high expectations, high maintance. It was almost like her newlywed husband couldnt live up to her high expectations of what she wanted in a man. It seemed everything the young man did, or said was the wrong thing or rude.

I found it interesting, throughout the story certain sentences were repeated later on. Such like these, "I mean, I mean. Here we are, here we are." I wasnt quite sure what or if there was any meaning to that sort of repetition. I'm not really sure how I felt about this short story, it was anything quite out of the ordinary. A young woman, accusing her husband of checking out another woman, not liking her outfits, and such. It just seemed to me like any other relationship to-day.



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