October 7, 2005

Active SHU students

SHU students raise money for Katrina relief fund

De Chantal and Farrell residence assistants (RA), class of 2007, and Seton Hill University's athletics organized a 'Buy-a-guy' auction and dance to raise money for Sr. Alicia Costa's Sisters of the Holy Family down in New Orleans.

"My sisters are all over Lousiana and Texas," said Costa, recapping to students the ordeal that her order went through because of Katrina. She stood on Cecillian stage on Friday night September 23, thanking the students in advance and reminding them of the event's objective. "I appreciate what you are doing for us," she said.

The male athletic students who volunteered to be auctioned ambled in to the song called "Boys" by singer Britney Spears.

RA Melissa Whiteman explained the rules to the crowd consisted predominantly of females. "No guys can buy guys and bidding started at five dollars," she said.

The volunteers were individually introduced before the auction began. Freshman Richie Bishop received the highest bid of the night - $105.

Junior Vanessa Vintinner said, "I thought it [the auction] was good, we raised a lot of money."

At the end of the night, the females, who bid the most money, received a carnation from their escorts and a date to the dance that followed after the auction. $1164 were collected in total from door fees, auction and faculty and staff donations.

Kathy Faijt adviser for the class of 2007 was impressed with the leadership shown by all participants.

White agreed, "It was great to see a lot of people support the cause."

Posted by Michael Diezmos at October 7, 2005 2:33 AM
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