HTRLAP; 8, 9, 10

I can understand how childrens literature can be used for novels. The basic plots, storylines, and antagonist and protagonist figures can come from such simple reading. Every single story, from the book-mentioned "Hansel and Gretel" to "Rapunzel" list a series of events, good and evil characters, and the followthrough that allows the protagonist to "quest" towards a goal.


My all time favorite are the movies that bring the stories we loved as children to life. I don't care how many times they make Cinderella and call it ten different names, I know that there is a happy ending and I'm going to watch it! My all time favorite is EverAfter with Drew Barrymore.

I think it is so interesting that storylines and plots come from childrens literature. I would have thought that these things would come from advanced literature from long ago. I guess the characteritics of these childrens stories such as good/evil characters, happy endings, characters overcoming problems... etc can be incorporated easily into any story.

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