HTRLAP; chapters 1&2


A quote I liked from chapter 2 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor was "The thing we share is our death...Next to our mortality, which comes to great and small equally, all the differences of our lives are mere surface details."

As much as the other notable and bold quotes in the first two chapters, this topic - the subject of death and human demise - is something that is common to everyone. We never know our time, and most of us fear death itself, as well as the thought of what may be after our demise. 50 people could be given the topic of death and all write something different. It's remarkable.


I like this quote as well. It really shows how humans are all so alike. Suggesting that the vast differences people's lives can have from each other are merely surface details adds to the idea that humans are the same. We all have life, and we all have lives that come to an end. And good point when you said that people all write and think differently about death. Its such a broad and interesting topic that can be interpreted in endless ways.

What I find amazing is the way some portray death to be peaceful and easy and others to be painful and long, I think that the human mind is so consumed of the end that they live for the end and not the present.

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