The Idea of Transcendentalism...


The idea that thoughts are "borrowed" from the world is fascinating. Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Nature" itself personifies wisdom in the way it speaks of personification of thoughts and acts of items he would describe as nature. My favorite chapter in this reading so far is chapter 3, Beauty.

It is interesting how Emerson breaks down beauty into the three aspects of natural forms, a spiritual element, and intellect. I never thought of beauty having all three of these images with it, but upon reading, I am able to understand this abstract idea.

Of this writing, my favorite line is, "The eye is the best of artists." How true is it that each eye is unique, calling to the brain each and every hue and shade imaginable, from the sky to the grass, showing us a common factor, like a tree, but making that vision individual to each person. Each person is different in each of the senses, and beauty is more compactly noted through sight than most others. Remember, "Even the corpse has its own beauty."


It is very true that each eye is unique. Isn't that why it is often said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"

There was once a tree on the hill above the town I live in that was said to look like Jesus on the cross but I could never see it, I'm sure to the people that did see it that it was real but to me it was just a tree. Maybe I was trying to hard or maybe it wasn't meant for me to see. So the eye and the soul must really control the brain.

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